Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)


Course Description

The qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply highly specialised knowledge and skills in the field of organisational learning and capability development. Individuals in these roles generate and evaluate complex ideas. They also initiate, design and execute major learning and development functions within an organisation. Typically, they would have full responsibility and accountability for personal output and work of others. This qualification may apply to leaders and mangers in organisation where learning is used to build organisational capability. Thie job roles that relate to this qualification may also include RTO manager and RTO director.

Vocational Outcomes

The qualification provides the skills, knowledge and competencies to deal with relevant real-life situations in the workplace for an individual to function as a Manager or who want to get into senior executive positions across a range of organisations.

Course Completion

Students obtaining a ‘Competent’ result for all the units in this qualification will receive Diploma of Accounting. A statement of attainment will be issued only for the units in which a student has been found ‘Competent’

Protection of fee paid in advance

Tuition fee paid in advance by student is protected under comonwealth’s Tuition Protection Service (TPS). TPS is a placement and refund service for international students. The TPS is like an insurance cover for fees paid in advance. It is a single mechanism to place students when provider fails to meet obligations or as a last resort to provide refunds of unexpended prepaid tuition fees. 


February 19, 2024

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