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CIBT General English


We are a Sydney-based college offering General English program at 6 levels. The General English program is designed to help students with any level of proficiency. At the end of the program students are expected to be able to effectively communicate to native speakers, as well as being able to write letters and essays.

CIBT General English program has the following levels:

  • Beginners is the very basic level. Students at this level are those who have no or very little knowledge of English. At this level students are exposed to basic English vocabulary and grammar.

  • Elementary level is still a basic level. Students at this level are those who have a basic knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. They are encouraged to make use of words and grammar to communicate to others in very simple situations.

  • Pre-Intermediate is a level of English where students learn to how to make meaning using long sentences and a variety of tenses. At the end of the course you are expected to be able to successfully engage in simple conversational situations and make yourself understood.

  • Intermediate is a level of English where students can already use their English to speak or write in English. At this level you will start reading short academic texts. As an intermediate student you are expected to be able to successfully engage in conversations about less familiar topics.

  • Upper-Intermediate is a course when students begin to learn academic English and how to write reports and essays. At the end of the course you are expected to successfully engage in complex conversational situations with less systematic errors or grammatical inaccuracies.

  • Advanced is a course where students are ready to successfully communicate to the native speakers of English in complex conversational situations and, if they wish so, to join university or any Australian work sector. By the end of this course you will be able to write academic texts and essays, and successfully engage in complex conversational situations.


Generally speaking there is no entry requirement to sit in CIBT General English program. All the students must sit in a Placement Test before they can attend the course. In other words, the college decides on your level after the student have done the placement test and interview.



A wide range of tests are given to the students while they continue doing the course. In fact, assessment is an important part of your English studies at CIBT General English. The tests can be as simple of observing students while speaking to one another or in the form of sitting for a listening comprehension test or a grammar multiple-choice one.


Depending on your entry level, the General English program can take up to 72 weeks. Each level is about 3 consecutive months. After you have successfully completed each level you will start doing the higher level.


At the end of each course, students sit for an Exit Test. The exit test mark will then be added to the average mark gained during the class activities tests. The college awards all the students who have successfully completed the course with a certificate. CIBT certificates are signed by the school principal and the ELICOS academic manager.

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