Tuition fees

VET Courses
Course Code Course Name CRICOS Code Duration Tuition Fee
BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management 088468C 52 Weeks $AU 8,400
BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management 088469B 65 Weeks $AU 12,500
BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management 088470J 65 Weeks $AU 12,500
BSB30115 Certificate III in Business 088813B 52 Weeks $AU 8,400
BSB50215 Diploma of Business 097848E 52 Weeks $AU 10,400
BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business 097975J 52 Weeks $AU 10,400
FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping 097747K 52 Weeks $AU 10,000
FNS50217 Diploma of Accounting 097748J 65 Weeks $AU 12,600
FNS60217 Advanced Diploma of Accounting 097749G 78 Weeks $AU 15,600
ICT50115 Diploma of Information Technology 097971B 65 Weeks $AU 12,600
ICT60215 Advanced Diploma of Network Security 097972A 52 Weeks $AU 10,500


Note: Fee includes tuition fee plus any additional compulsory costs.