Message from CEO


I am pleased to welcome you to Crown Institute of Business & Technology (CIBT), an English Language and Vocational Education & Training institution dedicated to quality teaching. CIBT is a highly regarded college in Sydney amongst international Students, and may well be your best choice in catering to your learning needs. We welcome you to join us and look forward to helping you achieve a successful future.

We serve hundreds of students from different countries, some of whom have been in Australia for long and others who are newcomers. Our high teaching standards ensure our position as one of the leading education providers in the VET sector in Australia. Our students enjoy a relaxing environment where they form invaluable friendships with both their peers and teachers. Their time at CIBT is a balanced and rewarding experience.

All students at CIBT are encouraged to speak English. Our English school runs a wide range of English programs which have been designed to target non-native English speakers’ most common linguistic needs. These programs include: General English Courses from Beginners to Advanced (where the focus falls on the use of English in day to day life), IELTS Preparation (where the students are trained to successfully sit the test), EAP (English for Academic Purposes) where students learn about academic study skills and researching techniques as well as classes that prepare you for more specific uses of English, such as Business English and English for Workplace Communication. Therefore, whether you are after an IELTS certificate or you need direct entry into Australian universities, or simply want to fine tune your English, there is a class for you. If you are eligible to enroll in other vocational courses, come and join hundreds of students who have already started studying at CIBT. These students come to our college to get ready to enter the Australian workforce in our vocational and applied programs in Accounting, Leadership and Management. CIBT’s teachers and staff are devoted to our students’ success through providing academic and custom non-academic services such as counseling and career assistance. Thank you for visiting our website. I invite you to visit our college and speak with our staff, teachers and students to further learn about CIBT. Please also take the time to visit our campus and make yourself familiar with our facilities and the beautiful city that is Sydney.

I wish you all the best with your future goals.



Deepak K Khadka
Chief Executive Officer